ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder which produces behavioural symptoms in young children.

Children with ADHD have problems in concentration, paying attention and in controlling their impulsive behaviour.

It may lead to poor scholastic performance.

Homoeopathic medicines selected on the basis of child's complete history helps to restore normal behavioural and cognitive functions.

Ayurvedic medicines like Ashwagandha, Brahmi helps to increase memory and attention. Ayurvedic procedures like Shirodhara produces a relaxing effect on the mind for a speedy recovery.

Avoiding Sugar, refined and preserved food products and taking wholegrain, healthy diet helps to reduce the hyperactivity in children.

In Priyam clinic, our panel of doctors which includes Homoeopathic Paediatrician, Ayurvedic & Naturopathy practitioners helps your child to attain normal behaviour by creating specific treatment plan after collecting full history. Usually, the child experiences the process of cure in 1-3 months according to the Nature of disease.


Autism is a problem occurs in Developmental milestones of a child.Autistic children have problems with communication, language & social skills.

It occurs due to Injury occurs to Developing brain in its evolution process due to mother's grief, Vaccinations, Antibiotics.

Homoeopathy medicine selected on the basis of mother's status of mind during pregnancy & child's nature helps in the development of the brain.

Panchakarma with Ayurvedic supplements helps to remove the toxins which are injurious to developing brain.

Avoiding Gluten & Casein products and Autism specific diet helps for a speedy recovery.

In Priyam Clinic the Best Homoeopathic remedy selection is done by Homoeopathic Paediatrician and Experts are planning Ayurvedic and Naturopathy treatment protocol for your child for a speedy recovery. In our Clinic, approximately in 1- 6 months children started to experience the curing process.( based on severity of disease)


Brain damage is the cause of Cerebral palsy.Damage occurs due to Infections, mechanical injury or oxygen deprivation in Antenatal and post-natal injury.

Convulsions (seizures,epilepsy),involunatary movements, difficulty in muscle coordination & muscle control ,delayed milestones are the mainsymptoms.

The multidisciplinary approach helps the child to lead an independent life.

Best selected Homoeopathic medicine helps to improve the muscle control.

Ayurvedic modalities like Panchakarma and oral medicines help to improve child's potential.

In Priyam Clinic, Our Panel of doctors helps your child to reach his maximum potential mentally, physically and socially. Usually, a child starts to experience the changes in 6 to 10 months depends upon the severity of the disease.


It is a problem of Brain processing which may cause issues in reading, writing, calculation skills and in memory.

It leads to poor scholastic and social performance.

The homoeopathic remedy selected on the basis of child's complete history helps to improve his skills to the maximum.

Ayurvedic medicines like Brahmi, Mandukaparni, Madhuyashti, Shankhapushpi, Jatamansi, Ashwagandha supports brain to function normally.

Yoga helps to improve child's performance to the maximum.

In Priyam clinic, Our Homoeopathic paediatrician selects the best remedy based on child's nature of the problem. Ayurvedic and yoga modalities along with Homoeopathy helps the child to function effectively in 4 to 6 months based on the severity of the symptoms.


Also known as "Intellectual disability".

It is characterised by subnormal intelligence level(IQ < 70); Severity of MR depends on IQ level of a child.

MR children find difficulty in learning day to day skills & adaptive behaviour.

MR child used to get frequent respiratory and other infections.

Injuries occur to developing brain during the antenatal & postnatal period like toxins, Infections, drugs, maternal stress, oxygen deprivation, mechanical injury, a chromosomal abnormality may lead to subnormal Intelligence.

In Homoeopathy Individually selected medicines based on cause and child's complete history will improve his Intelligence and Immunity and helps to avoid frequent infections.

Ayurvedic Medhhya rasayanas like Mandukaparni swarasa ,Yastimadhu Chuma, Guduchi swarasa, Sankhapuspi kalka, Brahma Rasayana, Amalaki Rasayana increase longevity, vitality and promote Intellect and power of retention.

Natural healthy diet supports immunity which helps to prevent frequent respiratory and other infections.

In Priyam clinic, Panel of doctors helps your child to lead a healthy life by selecting proper remedy and diet.

Usually, MR child started to experience the cure in 4 to 8 months based on the severity of the disease. In Priyam clinic, Panel of doctors helps your child to lead a healthy life by selecting proper remedy and diet.

Usually, MR child started to experience the cure in 4 to 8 months based on the severity of the disease.


Get your children immunized with Priyam clinic’s Prakkruthi now introducing SWARNA BINDU PRASHANA immunization schedule which is an ancient most comprehensive immunizing method noted in Ayurveda,SWARNA BINDU PRASHANA is a safe,Ayurvedic combination which is beneficial for increasing immunity, preventing from recurrent cold, indigestion and other infections which are common ailments in children.

Maharashi Kashyapa great sage and paediatrician has described the benefits of Swarna Bindu Prashana in his book Kashyapa Samhita.

Swarna Bindu Prashana is a traditional Ayurvedic immunization schedule od administering swarna Bhasma (calyx/ash of swarnam) is minute dose diffused with Brahmi Ghrita (ghee) on Pushya Nakshatra.Swarna Bindu Prashana is completely safe with our normal routine immunization program.It emphasizes on natural provoking of the immune system by making our next generation healthy intellectuals.

Age: 1 to 16 years.

Dose: 2 drops of Swarna Bindu Prashana contains-0.001 mg of Swarna Bhasma;2 drops of Swarna Bindu Prashana monthly once for 21 months on the day of Pushya Nakshatra.


Lactose is a sugar present in dairy products. Inability to digest this sugar causes symptoms like Distension of abdomen, diarrhea, and vomiting.

It's common in children who is having lactase deficiency (helps to digest lactose)

MR children find difficulty in learning day to day skills & adaptive behaviour.

In our priyam, Our homeopathic paediatrician selects the best medicine to cure Lactose Intolerance in an effective and safe way.


Delayed teething, Irritability, Diarrhoea are the common problems occurs during teething.

In our Priyam, Our Homoeopathic pediatrician helps your child to have a healthy teething with Homoeopathic sweet pills which is very safe and easy to use.


Its the common infection in childhood.

Itching in the anus, abdominal pain, grinding teeth, passes blood in stool, nausea and vomiting are the common symptoms of Worm infection.

Worm infection may lead to anemia and poor weight gain too.

In our Priyam, Our homeopathic pediatrician selects the best medicine to cure the disease in a safe way.